My #1 tip for saving money is….i dunno, i have lots of them!

tips for saving moneyWhat a weasly way out of a question, huh?! haha…it’s true though, i can never lock down just 1 answer. Maybe you have a good one? Drop a comment for sure so we can all ogle it ;)

At any rate, this was one of the questions i was asked during my interview w/ Holly the other month. I was happy with my answer (spouting my love for 401ks and living a constant lifestyle throughout raises/promotions), but I was also tempted to answer it with another trick i find helpful:

Whenever i need some new & juicy advice, I simply ask those around me what THEIR #1 tip for saving money is!

haha…it may sound silly, but i always get some goodies outta that :) Everyone’s looking for the same thing – having enough money to live a happy and fulfilling life. Family, friends, office-mates, they all have experiences with money (both good & bad) and they will all usually share it with you. Just be sure that ya trust them and they’re not one of *those* kinda of people who are nutso w/ their dollars ;) We all have one or two of them in our group!

Checking around with us bloggers is also a great idea, especially if you’re looking for something specific. We, too, have our own crazy experiences, and if we ourselves don’t have the answer you’re looking for, we probably know someone who does.

So that’s today’s #1 tip for saving money – Get answers from those around you. We’re all working for financial security, and if they truly care for you they’d be glad to share the wealth!

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