Mvelopes: I don’t sign up to financial companies who spam me.

Dear Mvelopes...HAH! You think by spamming me I’ll sign up to your financial doodad?! Come on now – i’m gullible, but I’m not *that* crazy. If your company (cough cough Mvelopes) wants me to sign up to your “free trial”, how about you spend the time and find a better way to market it to me? And preferably to ME, not my company.

So no, I won’t sign up to your free trial no matter what magical solutions you have for me. I know plenty of other envelope methods that are readily available w/out having to get spammed. I will, however, do you one better – I’ll market Mvelopes for you right here on my blog! And just cuz i like you so much, I’ll even do it for free (aren’t i nice?). The bolded statements below are the three ways in which you state Mvelopes is proven to help with….along with some personal commentary:

  1. Take complete control of your money
    Sarcastic J: You’d enjoy having your hands on that, wouldn’t you?
    Non-spammy-lesson: Yes, without a doubt this is a great thing for each and every one of us to do. Whether this means tracking it all, creating a budget, limiting your spending, etc. Being in control is the best thing you can do for your financial life :) Just be careful where/who you give your personal information to.
  2. Reduce Financial Stress
    Sarcastic J: Your freakin’ spam email just ADDED stress to me! Arghh…..
    Non-spammy-lesson: One of the easiest ways to do this is by following the first step – taking complete control of your money. “Knowing is half the battle”, and also cuts your stress in half. You won’t always be happy with what you find, but at least you can now chip away at it one day at a time. You could also just delete any of your spam and not blog about it as i’m currently doing – that would also lesson your stress ;)
  3. Rapidly Eliminate Debt
    Sarcastic J: …by not signing up to Mvelopes! (that was kinda lame…sorry)
    Non-spammy-lesson: Yup, another great way to sex up your financials! The more debt you can knock off, the better place you’ll be – and the more options you’ll have when an opportunity arises. No one ever said it was easy, but it’s def. worth the challenge.

So yes, you point out three valid reasons for people to pay attention to. But guess what? There are handfuls of other companies out there that do the same – and some even for free. That’s not to say i’m opposed to paying for a worthy solution (cuz i totally would if it worked like crazy), but don’t think that sneaking your way into my morning email-checking will push me in your direction.

In fact, i’m curious to know – are any of you using Mvelopes? And if so, do you remember how you came across it? Don’t worry, I won’t bash you or anything i promise :) I just think it would be interesting to see if their system even works. In all honesty i hope it does! I know companies don’t spam for the hell of it. Okay, i’m done ranting here… gotta set side another $1.

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