Look At Bill, Pay The Bill, Forget About Bill.

Look. Pay. Forget!Bills as in “the accounts you owe”, not the Clintons or O’Reillys ;) (Although, some would prefer to forget about them as well, but that’s a whole other topic)

Today, I share with you my 3 super fantastic steps to managing those pesky bills of yours. Or at least the way I prefer to handle them! I look at ’em, I pay ’em, and then I happily ever afterly forget about ’em! Nice and easy, right? Here’s how to do it:

Look at the Bill. Does it look about right? Were you expecting it to be a lot higher or lower? One of the perks of getting your bills down to a relatively small number is that you can easily give it a thumbs up or thumbs down upon first glance. You can do this by cutting back & getting rid of some completely (the best way), or you could do it by throwing as many bills as you possibly can on a credit card (my personal method, but not great for everyone). Either way, you get a general idea of what those totals should look like every time a bill comes in. If it looks good, move on to step #2! If it’s jacked up? Do your research and get it all squared away.

Pay the Bill. Similar to the credit card method, I try and funnel as many bills as possible one way – electronically. I do everything I can to attach it to my online world since I know I’ll be connected to it almost every single day ;) I set up email alerts, online billpay, and as many automatic payments as feasible. The more you can get technology working on your side, the more you can spend on the exciting & important stuff in your life. For all those bills I can’t automate, I pay right away as soon as I confirm the amount’s legit. I don’t like them lingering around and tempting me to forget!

Forget about the Bill. The whole out of sight, out of mind idea – except you’re conscientiously choosing to for this ;) No one likes looking at bills more than they have to, right? As long as I’m budgeting for them okay and following steps #1 and #2 above, I can safely cross them off the list and move on with my wonderful life. No pressure, no problem!

That’s it! The secrets to my stress-free bill paying. Of course, the more bills you cut back on the less you have to worry about, but easier said than done ;) We’ll always have something or another popping up to eat our money, but if you have that game plan locked in there’s less chance of it phasing you. And that’s really what it’s all about.

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