If a millionaire told you how to be rich, would you listen?

Millionaires are smart.Even if it’s the most boring advice ever? I was talking to my boy Brad the other night and somehow we got on the topic of simple easy advice, and he used millionaires as a perfect example of this. And it’s so true!

Most millionaires make their money slowly, over time. Getting Rich Slowly, if you will, yet not many care to put it into use because it’s so boring. And, well, slow. But the truth is this stuff works! It takes a lot of hard work and frugality, and many times sacrificing, but the end goal of becoming financially free is some damn good motivation.

If you like this sorta stuff, I highly recommend reading The Millionaire Next Door. It’s one of the greatest books in this field and really breaks down the common traits of millionaires out there. And you’d be surprised that not everyone in the book makes a ton of money! A lot of them do, but many also get wealthy by living below their means, saving 20% of all their income, and staying put in their paid-for homes (something I wish I could do myself! Haha…stupid military blood in me).

Living “for today” is cool too if that’s how you see the world, but you better enjoy what you’re doing because you’ll be workin’ for a looooong time. One of the benefits of creating wealth is that it shifts the power from the outside world to YOU! That means YOU get to decide how much to work and how to live your life, no one else. It’s called financial freedom, and millionaires cherish it like no other. (It’s also what I keep in mind whenever jealousy takes over from watching people lavishly spend their money ;))

Millionaires are millionaires for a reason. If you truly want to learn how to grow your money like them, listen up! The old excuses of “it’s not for me” or “I would do that, but….” don’t fly in their world. They set up a plan, save their money, and enjoy all their spoils. If you’re lucky enough to know any of them, buy ’em a beer and pick their brain! It just so happens they also enjoy giving back ;)

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  1. Clint May 14, 2014 at 9:49 AM

    Lol, no one comments on the article with the book in it that will actually make people wealthy. That is because everyone wants to become wealthy but very few have the discipline to accomplish the goal.

    1. J. Money May 14, 2014 at 5:07 PM

      Well, that and I lost all my comments on older articles when I had to make a blog transfer years ago :) But yes, most people are lazy and want a magic bullet you’re right!