It’s time to whip out the old Sell-O-Meter!

fun fund sell-o-meterI have a tendency to forget things every now and then (usually more NOW than then) and unfortunately my Fun Fund is usually the first to fall through these mental cracks.

So in honor of it, I am starting a page where I detail all of the items I’ve sold in order to keep the juice flowing and full of life.

If I have a place where I can see all of my success, then it’ll be THAT much easier for me to carry on and keep doing my thang! For those of you unfamiliar w/ this “Fun Fund”, think of it as some sort of Rainy-Day Fund. It’s basically an allocated place to hold all side monies earned; to be spent on anything my heart desires, no questions asked.

It’s not so much the items on the list, though, that’s important, but rather the main concept behind it – Motivation.

In the frugal world we’ve create around us, you can imagine the importance of such a thing! It’s the one “safe” place where we can let loose and do as we please. But where does this money come from? Well, that’s the creative part my friends :)

I go around the house looking for things to sell! I wrote a detailed post on how i do this a while back, but that’s really the jist of it. I look for things that i don’t ever use, or even want anymore, and I sell them on Craigslist or eBay. I then take all proceeds and throw it into the pot! (anything that doesn’t sell goes straight to our local Salvation Army)

And so far i’ve done a helluva job spending it :) But isn’t that the point? I’ve picked up kayaks, artwork supplies, kitchen tables, dryers, and loads of other stuff – mainly from the Craigslists and such! haha…. it’s all about that “treasure” out there.

To keep up the motivation, here is my master list of all things purged Since July, 2007 – Grand Total and all:

  • 1993 Cadillac DeVille (w/ dead brake system) – $600.00
  • My lot of 32 used (and old) CD’s – $20.00
  • Abercrombie & Fitch denim jacket – $45.00
  • GAP corduroy jacket – $20.00
  • Puma track jacket – $20.00
  • Etonic track jacket – $6.00 (*tear*)
  • “Tiki” picture frame – $2.00
  • All-in-one Brother printer (ink-less) – $20.00
  • Adidas track pants – $5.00
  • “Cuba” track jacket – $4.00 (sucky)
  • 50+ LP records – $30.00
  • Masonic Nights Templar sword – $45.00 (holler)
  • Sammy Sosa baseball jersey – $4.00
  • Funky ugly gag gift – $1.00 (ROCK!)
  • Express sports jacket – $25.00
  • Antique looking wooden desk – $45.00
  • Semi-new running shoes – $15.00
  • 2005 Toyota Highlander$18,900.00 (not including as I owed on it)
  • Grand Total: $892.00 $907.00

My goal is to keep it updated as time goes by, so hopefully I stick with it! And why not create a similar list yourself? It’ll take a few minutes to put together, but then all you have to do is add to it every now and then. Hopefully it’ll remind you how good it felt to rid your house of nonsense too ;)

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