I’m having a hard time spending my $260 birthday money.

Have to spend me sometime, sir.And we’re now a month and a half into it! Oops…..but at least it’s a good problem to have for once, right? You would think I could burn through it on all those things I never allow myself to buy, but all this frugal-ness has me toned down and stuff.

Where’s my wild side? Where are those $40 bottles of bling water and $100 nights on the town? Am I getting too old, or has the PF Blogosphere finally corrupted me ;)

This time 1 year ago I would have been alllll over it! It would have lasted a good 24 hours until I went on a birthday binge w/ my family as I usually do every year – it falls on one of the best shopping days of the year (day after Xmas), when you really can’t help yourself! And all other times I hadn’t. I’d use the money to buy whatever I wished without a care in the world.

Now, the only thing that excites me is the “thought” of it! I have $260 dollars with endless possibilities :) I could buy books, art supplies, beer, bling, video games, whatever! So maybe it’s not that I don’t really *want* anything, but more that the excitement of having the *ability* to splurge is worth more to me than a single item.

So rather than burn through the money for the sake of it (or forgotten about in my bank), it’s stored away at home until something that I REALLY, REALLY like catches my eye – and that I’d normally not spend my own money on. Or maybe not, I dunno – just something that’s a helluva bargain so I won’t have buyer’s remorse and all. I gotta make make the money giver proud, right?

Here are two things I’ve been thinking about so far:

  1. An electric fireplace! After having one at a Bed & Breakfast a year or so ago, I am totally hooked. They *look* like a real fireplace, and *warm up* like a real fire place, but they’re totally not! Ya just flip on a switch and you’ve got flames! haha…brilliant. Been searching Craigslist and Home Depot for some killer deals, but nothing great so far.
  2. Yard Sale season! The thought of having an unlimited supply of $1 bills at time like that is crazy sexy to me. Do you know how many goodies you can pick up with that kind of money?! The only problem here is that we’re still a good 3-4 months away :(

So will I eventually spend it all? I freakin’ hope so! If I can’t do that anytime soon, I’m afraid all hope is lost. I mean, what good is money (esp *free* money) if you don’t ever USE it? Will I just keep saving and saving and eventually turn into one of those hoarders who can never give anything away? I think i need to go get my head checked out…

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  1. Ben January 5, 2011 at 3:17 AM

    Phew… And I thought I was the only one who couldn’t spend birthday money!

  2. J. Money January 5, 2011 at 10:21 AM

    haha… funny thing is, this post is 1 year old but even THIS birthday I’m sitting on the money! :) although this time due to not having time to go shopping/looking around…. i did eventually get that fireplace up there though! woo!

    hope you find something worthy with yours :)

  3. lanora December 21, 2016 at 9:17 AM

    It’s my 34birtjday toda TV no money for anything

    1. J. Money December 21, 2016 at 10:42 AM

      Sorry to hear :( It’s good you’re on $$$ blogs so you can hopefully turn it around!