If I could move back in with my parents…

Mom, Dad - I'm baaack!I would save a crap ton of money! And eat a lot healthier too. I might have to go to bed every night at 9, but it’s not like I couldn’t use the sleep and steady habit anyways.

In all honesty, I’d give it a shot in a heartbeat. I don’t know how long I could last (or that the Mrs. would even allow it (she wouldn’t)), but it’s definitely something I think about every now and then. Like, every 30 days when the mortgage is due ;) Or when my blogger friends talk about doing it themselves!

While I’m probably the only twenty something actually *wanting* to live back home again, you’d be hard pressed to deny the sweet financial benefits to such a situation. Free rent/mortgage, food, cable, internet, phone, homeowners insurance, condo fees, the list goes on and on. We’d of course have to revert to 6th grade with all the chores and cleaning up we hated to do back in the day, but it’s not like we don’t have to do them anyways, right? $hit, I’d even move in and pay them half of what our monthly housing costs add up to! We’re talking big buckaroos here, friends.

According to our monthly expenses, we’d save roughly $3,000 a month!
My freedom is enjoyable, but is it really worth $3,000? And on top of that, all the stuff that un-minimalizes us? I gotta admit, if I weren’t married and/or living 2 hours away I’d at least give it a shot. That is, if they upgraded from AOL dial-up and got HDTV ;) Only halfway joking there…

Unfortunately, I’m afraid those glory days are long gone for us. We do live farther away and we do have a lot of stuff that ties us down – not to mention the future family we want to start with some baby-making! While I like it or not, it comes to a point when you really do have to get out there and make something of yourself. At least according to my dad ;) For all I know he wouldn’t let me back even if I tried! haha…I’m sure I could convince him (or have mom do it), but I know parents like their freedom just as much as the next person.

Regardless, the financial aspect is extremely intriguing.
I may not be able to take advantage of it myself, but if you’re in the lucky stage in life I say go for it. There’s no shame in saving up and getting your money in order before getting out there on your own – esp. if you’ve got some debt piled up already. You might not find it as exciting as I do, but if you can stick it out for a bit you’ll have a lot less stress and a lot more fun to look forward to.

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