I just realized that i’m addicted to money. The "cool" kinds.

hotness 1943 pennyDoes that even make sense? Let me explain. I’m not addicted like i need all that i can get or i’ll go insanely wAcKo addicted, but the kind where i get extremely giddy for different types of currency and feel the need to hoard them!

Maybe that’s not called addiction, but whatever it is – that’s what i have, and i welcome it with open arms.

It also explains a lot! Like my recent adventures with painting money and my fascination of finding that $1 silver certificate the other month! Or even that dollar i found w/ “wheresgeorge.com” stamped on it, remember that? Hell, it also explains this blog a bit more :)

While this has been a fascination of mine dating back to my early childhood, it wasn’t until this weekend that the lightbulb finally went off. Check it. The other day @ the hospital i put a five’er into the vending machine for a $1.25 pizza pocket (which was all KINDS of good btw!) and guess what happend to pop out as change? Shiny golden nuggets of joy!!! Nuggets = $1 coins of course, and my face lit up! If you saw me you’d probably have thought i had just won the lottery.

So then back @ home i separated them out – cuz they can’t be mingling w/ the lower class coins – and dropped them into this mini chest-like thing i have on to top of my dresser. And as i placed them there, i noticed the other “cool” currency i had collected over time:

  • I saw bills from the Caribbean
  • $1 bills signed by semi-celebs over time
  • $5 bill signed by Ben Stiller
  • $2 bills
  • That $1 “silver certificate” bill.
  • And these silver colored 1943 wheat pennies! (my personal fav.)
  • Update: Forgot about my old school bonds in my safe! so sexy.

I really should find a way to showcase these a bit better than hidden away in my bedroom. Maybe i can open up a REAL “Bank of J” someday? Or perhaps a shrine of some sort in our spare guest room? haha….i’m sure the Mrs. would love that. So yeah, there you have it. My name is J. Money, and i’m addicted dependent fascinated by all types of cool money.

UPDATE: In the years since posting this up I’ve since started a blog all about coin collecting too :) Check it out!

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  1. Beep Dig Metal Detecting October 11, 2010 at 8:59 PM

    I have a strong addiction to metal detecting and would go every day – but I have one of those “wife” things. She does let me go out to the beach for weeks at a time periodically. I normally hunt anywhere from 3 to 6 hours per day on the beaches of Thailand and wouldn’t have it any other way. Love the hunt, the exercise, and the excitement of finding gold.

  2. J. Money October 14, 2010 at 9:51 AM

    I think you’d have to be in it for the “excitement” that’s for sure. A gold coin every 10 years may get pretty frustrating ;) Unless you’re like that one dude who just came up with literally POTS full the other month! Millions and millions of dollars, freakin’ incredible.