I just gave a homeless person $10.

I didn’t even really mean to! haha…I literally get asked at LEAST twice per work day (we’re in downtown D.C.), and I find that I react depending on my mood. Somedays I get pissed that they’re out there pan handling, and then others (like today) I get wrapped up in their stories and feel soooooo bad that I end up giving in.

Most times I’ll donate, $1.00, if that. It just so happend that i didn’t have one, and what was i supposed to do, ask for change?! oh man….so, he got a crisp $10’er. it felt really good afterwards, so I think i made the right choice on this one. I just hope he really DOES use it for the good!

How do you guys handle this? I’ve heard people say they only donate to “reputable charities” that then help out the homeless, while I’ve heard others say they just give whatever change is in their pocket at the time.

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