I don’t fall for any of these cockamamy "tipping tricks"… do i?

Tipping - Are you down with that?I’ve hinted about some of these before, but i guess i’m not done w/ it yet ;)

I can’t help it really, anything having to do with tipping or splitting the check gets my blood pumping. It’s one of those things we’ll forever be debating in the frugal playground of ours.

So I dedicate today’s post to my man Student Scrooge who dug up some pretty interesting tipping techniques used by your friendly waiters/waitresses. You might have seen them in the carnival i hosted last week, but i thought they deserved a more thorough looking at. You see, i sometimes have a hard time NOT giving my opinion on things ;)

Here are the 7 “tricks” that were found to be successful.

  1. Wearing something unusual. Unless you’re wearing your skimpies, this sure isn’t going to affect the tip i give you. Not even if you have 37 pieces of flair like that pretty boy Brian.
  2. Introducing yourself by name. I can def. see the appeal on this one – getting you to feel all personal and friendly. Not sure it would get me to tip more, but it sure works when i need to call them back over!
  3. Squatting next to the table. I cannot stand this one! They do this alot at Hooters (or so i hear), and it always comes across so fake and insincere. Yes we know you have large melons. No you don’t need to plop them on the table and beg for more money. It also bugs me at other places cuz now you’re literally talking DOWN to them which feels awkward to me. I like looking up and giving my orders the old fashioned way.
  4. Repeating customers’ orders. I like this one :) Anything that gets you to bring over the right order is a-okay in my books! this is more about doing a great job overall, though, than any trickery.
  5. Smiling at customers. Yes, this always helps! If you look like you’re actually in a good mood and happy to be there, then i’m way more inclined to pay up and keep the smiles coming. All about being positive and “caring” about your job.
  6. Writing “Thank You” on the check. Sure, why not? A quick little scribble that let’s you know they appreciate you being there without getting all up in your space. Student Scrooge even threw out the idea of smilie faces which i just freakin’ adore to be honest with you. smiley :) face :)
  7. Calling customers by name. Hmm…..i can’t tell on this one. it would have to mean that they’d ask for your name at some point, and if there are more than just 1 of you, they’d have to ask for all of them, right? Unless we’re talking about a “Thanks Mr. Johnson” after seeing your name on your c/c…in which case it’s kinda nice.

All of this is totally a matter of opinion, ofcourse, but i can’t help but wonder if these really just work on the less-frugal minded? Any waiters/waitresses have any dirt on this? Or even your own tips & tricks? Curious minds want to know :)

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