Happy day after Valentine’s day

With our wedding coming up in May, my fiancΓ©e and I decided to go a different route this year when it came to purchasing gifts. We challenged ourselves by setting a limit of only $20.00!

I mean, we know how much we love each other, and we just had both of our birthdays & Christmas not too long ago so it’s not like we need more gifts ya know? Plus this forced us to be wayyyy more creative and really think about what the other would appreciate, not to mention help save a little more in the Wedding fund.

We also plan to cook a nice dinner together on Saturday (while we’re both relaxed and caught up on deprived sleep), so that we can enjoy “togetherness” in the spirit of Saint Valentine. So, what did we get each other might ask? Well okay, it’s exciting! I hope you can take it!

Yours truly got one kick a$$ LP! Timbaland to be exact, and it’s a double album set too. I collect old records and have a player, but i really didn’t realize that artists these days still go that route. I’m guessing they’re for DJ’s to scratch up and stuff in clubs and what not. Either way, I was elated and it was probably one of the most thoughtful gifts I have gotten from a young lady before :) Oh, I also got a little box of candies which is always cool.

After perusing a few stores, I ended up getting her this plushy/furry cream colored stuffed animal dog. I think it had some sort of heart around it’s neck too that read “Sweet”. I know it’s not the most original gift, but you KNOW girls love stuffed things! haha…. it looked like she was pretty happy snuggling up to it last night, so hopefully i did good.

Hopefully your V-day went well too!

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