"Goodness Is The Only Investment That Never Fails."

i need your help.Spoken by the brilliant Henry David Thoreau. That quote sums up exactly what’s on my brain today – charity. The last time I wrote about this I decided to donate $25 to a new organization every month. Sadly, I continue to forget this every month until one pops along my radar or I specifically get asked to contribute to someone’s latest cause.

Today I vow to make 2 changes. The first – to actively stay on top of this once and for all. Not only will I be upping this amount to $50, but I shall set up a google calendar item and have it alert me once a month to make sure my goldfish memory gets pinged on a regular basis. This should work swimmingly as I’m always connected to the internets!

The second is to create a list of great organizations and charities to pull from. If that list is always full and constantly being updated, I’ll be more inspired to donate as I see an immediate impact when each charity is crossed off. Plus, I’ll then have an easily accessible place to mark (and support) those favorites of mine whenever I come across any dry spells in the collection process.

This is where YOU guys come in :) I would like to create a solid list of those organizations nearest and dearest to your hearts – big or small. I know when I get passionate about something I want to tell the world about it, and I’m hoping we can do something about that here.

If there are any organizations you feel deeply passionate about, or want to spread the word on, please tell me about them. You can send details, brief bios, contact info, or simply a link where we can find it. If it’s important to you, I want to hear about it :) At some point I’ll be publishing this list in hopes to spread the word even more, so be sure to holler (you can email me, twitter-tweet me, or drop a comment on me, whatever’s easiest.)

This is my attempt at spreading a little love, and making a difference in this crazy world of ours.

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