An easy way to spend $100 in an hour.

Gooooooooood morning everybody, I hope your weekend treated you well! I *barely* made it through a football game AND a soccer game this weekend….i think i’m getting old :( But that’s neither here nor there. What i’m supposed to be writing about is how easily i can burn through $$$, when i’m not on a challenge or no spend day ;)

I did this by visiting my very good friends, Target, TJ Maxx & Beers & Cheers. The key is to shop when you’re in an extremely good mood and the weather is gorgeous out:

1) Target: Bought 3 CD’s for $35.00. I’ve been wanting all three for a while, and they were all on sale! I originally only went in for one, but you know how it goes. I picked up the new Lupe Fiasco joint (my current fav. artist), the Juno soundtrack (these songs are hilarious!), and a um….don’t laugh now.. a Toby Keith “best of” vol. 2. hahah…what can i say, i’m trying to cross all musical genres ;)

2) Target: Lunch for $12.00. They have pizza hut mini-pizzas there. Can’t go wrong w/ that.

3) TJ Maxx: Picked up a pair of blingin’ sunglasses for $7.99 (while in the check out line mind you) & a present for my brother, $12.99…even though his birthday is a good 4 months away! didn’t see either of these coming.

4) Beers & Cheers: 6 pack of Bud, 6 pack of Sam Adams i think?, and box of wine. don’t judge, box wine is AWESOME. Total came out to about $34 i think.

So what’s that, $100ish i spent in about an hour? Danggggggggg. Oh well, i don’t do it all that much, and i got some really good things. (That’s it J…keep convincing yourself). On top of it all, it made for a super-great saturday. I’m a huge fan of being out and about when the weather is killer.

It’s now time to buckle back down and get ready to save those pennies for the wedding next month! Countdown ticker soon to come, as promised.

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