A dollar a day baby!

I’m sure it’s been done a bazillion times, but what a SUPER easy way to save. I actually found it on a fellow PF blog on Dollar a Day. It really doesn’t take much and anyone can do it starting the minute this is read. In fact, if you’d like we can do it while you read along with me. Ready? Okay, here we go.

Step 1 – Reach into your pocket and take out a wrinkly ol’ George Washington. If you don’t have one, dig around for some change (it’s at least something) or pull out a $5-er. In the last case, take a 3 min time-out and ask someone around your office to help you break it…or better yet, just ask for one. It’s only a dollar right?
Step 2 – Now, look around your desk, or the streets if you’re reading this on your Palm, and find some sort of container with enough room to place said dollar into it.
Step 3 – Lastly, place your friendly dollar into it and you’re all set!

Bada bing, bada bang! You’ll have $365 by this time next year (or roughly $269 if you do it just at work). If you’re feeling even more gutsy, deposit it into a high-yielding savings account at the end of each month, or year, and watch it grow. The hardest part is really just remembering to do it each day, and not touching it. I advise keeping the container close by your desk to remind you of it each day, believe me it works.

I started this yesterday (2-12-08), and so far i have….wanna guess? A whole $2.oo! Your turn, good luck!

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