Do you think showering together REALLY saves water?

Kim K. showering to saveI don’t know, but I sure would like to try it! According to my good friend Kim Kardashian though, it works like a charm ;) Any of you remember that whole hoop-lah about her saying she takes showers w/ her BF to save water?

For whatever reason i’m only now coming across these articles, but it’s freakin’ hilarious. What a helluva PR stunt though, eh? And HOW did i miss it? Man…

But in all seriousness, I don’t think it would do the trick. Here’s what I gots ta say on it:

  • When 2 people get in the shower together, it usually isn’t to “save water”. (it’s to talk)
  • It still takes you the same amount of time to wash all your body parts. Only now there’s the two of you in there, so it’ll still take doublish the time. Esp. with all that talking going on!
  • Logistically, it’s a nightmare. Unless, of course, you have double-sided shower heads!
  • The average person doesn’t try to take quick showers in order to save money. You might believe so before jumping in there, but usually at that point it’s so refreshing you try and enjoy it as long as possible.
  • All that “talking” could result in a baby. And babies cost money! And then you’d have to shower with 3 people to save even MORE money! haha….

And to help back up my no-fact hypothesis, here’s what says about it:

“The Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey & Water Science for Schools found that the average American uses two gallons of water per minute while showering, so obviously cutting that in half is helpful. But some experts argue that sharing the faucet with someone you’re pretty fond of could lead to activities that prolong the time spent in the shower, therefore doing even more damage.”

Of course, I’m always up for the challenge! Ya hear that Mrs. Budgetsaresexy? Wanna do a month-long test case? haha…unfortunately I already know the answer to that and it’s not a Yes. I’ve been told that I need to buy her a shower with TWO shower heads in it (1 for each wall) before we can satisfy this dream of mine…something about getting “too cold” in there? Must be a girl thing ;)

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  1. mark April 22, 2017 at 8:06 PM

    Let’s say we ain’t having “talk time” do we save water then because me and my fiancee do it wet after the shower