Do you patch up your old clothes, or just buy new ones?

i heart my seamstressI used to just throw ’em out and go shopping again, but now I’ve got a secret!

Know what your boy J. has now? (it’s exciting, get ready…) My very own seamstress! aww yeahhhh bow chicka wha wha! haha….i crack myself up.

But is it wrong that I feel like a total P.I.M.P. paying someone to fix up my jeans? It’s seriously the coolest thing ever. I drop ’em off one day w/ big freakin’ holes and rips in them, and then a week later they’re back in action again! I can’t get over it, it’s so cool.

Do any of you use someone like this? Did you even know this profession *existed* anymore?! (or am i crazy?)

A year ago I would have cried for a hot minute, thrown ’em out, and then gone shopping for their replacements. Which is all fine and dandy, and I do indeed have to do that with some of my clothes, but when you find the most perfect fitted jeans in the entire world it can be a pain to pick up again – esp. at great deal. I have 3 pairs of Armani Exchange jeans that I found for $20 four years ago (originally priced at $100+) and if it weren’t for my new best friend The Seamstress I’d be one sad boy.

Now, before you start hating, I know the most frugal way to work this out is to just sew ’em up myself. But a) I’m a dude. and b) I’m a dude ;) Sure I can learn and figure it out with a little patience, but I’ve got things to do like blogging and watching reality tv shows on my spare time! And the Mrs. is all hocked up on studying for Grad School so i’m surely not gonna bother her. It would seriously take some time to fix up some of these bad boys – they were torrrrrn apart boy.

So, for a cool $35, I now have 4 “brand-spankin’-new” jeans again (woohoo)! That comes out to what, $8.75 per pair? Not too bad, it would cost AT LEAST that to find just one pair again. And now my prized possessions have some more flair to ’em ;) So that’s my secret for the day – I pay someone to fix my clothes. It could be worse!

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