Dear Coupon Lovers, Are you ever treated differently?

Refinancing is not my friend.I think Quizno’s just ripped me off today because i used a coupon…I’m not really all that mad about it per se, but it has definitely piqued my curiousity now.

Like, do you think people DO in fact receive worse service by using coupons? And if so, would it ever stop you from using one again – at least in that store?

I have no proof that we were discriminated against today, but my hunch said we did. Here’s a timeline of what went down, and you can decide for yourself. It all started at the presentation of this coupon in question – a “buy 1 sub get another sub 1/2 off” deal:

  • At sight of coupon, the owner rolls his eyes. I don’t know that he is, indeed, the head honcho, but I doubt a cashier would care all that much since they’re getting paid no matter what. He also looked pretty damn perturbed, like we were flailing it around in his face or something.
  • He then lets out a deep sigh – And not a “I hate my life” kind either, but more like a “you cheap a$$ customer, you are worthless” type. I dunno, maybe I’m reading too much into it….or maybe he just found out he’s not getting any tonight ;) At the exact same time he received the coupon.
  • The owner then pretends he can’t find the “coupon button”. (as if we were the first to ever use it) Gimme a break, you know exactly what’s going on.
  • En route to our office, I notice the bags are fairly lighter than usual…at least when we come back from Subway every week (ooooohhh that’s right, i just named your #1 competitor!)
  • At the office my colleague unwraps his sub, puts it in his mouth, and then yells – “What the Fart!” (edited) Followed by a “That A$$hole gypped me!” Needless to say, he was expecting a bit more chicken in his chicken carbonara.
  • I then double check mine, and realize there are only 4 wimpy meatballs in it :( After I’m done crying, I scarf it down in 2 minutes – instead of my usual 5. It tasted good, but for ordering the largest size on the menu, I’d expect at *least* 4 balls per 1/2 sub. A guy needs his meat! (wow, that really sounds bad.)

So as you can see, I’m pretty sure we got screwed. But was it the coupon? And if not, how about the economy? Why else would we get stuck with lackluster meals after slappin’ down $12+ dollars (after the discount)? While I hate to admit it, I’m afraid The Coupon may not always be our friend.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop using them though, no siree. I wanna keep as much of my money as possible. I don’t know about you, but I can endure a LOT for a discount. Even if it means not having sex….errrr, wait a sex. i mean sec. So that’s not entirely accurate, but you get the point. A guy needs to save his hard earned money ;)

In fact, I may just need to form a committee to get to the bottom of this! The only way we’ll figure out whether we’re being treated unfairly is if we test this theory over and over again, and in different establishments. So the next time you go to use one, keep a sharp eye on the service you receive & report back to us. If we start noticing a negative trend here, I’ll take it as far as i have to. After all, if WE don’t stand up for our coupon lovers, who will?

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