Checking in on the old New Year’s resolutions.

Could it be that i’ve actually STUCK by them this year? I was thinking about this as i drifted off to sleep last night (pretty dorky, i know) and thought it would be cool to post them here and make sure all is still dandy. And after looking at them for a few seconds, it’s actually pretty damn funny cuz all of this was BEFORE this blog was even created :)

I guess it goes to show that if you write them down somewhere, you’ll get closer to accomplishing them. Or perhaps even just setting realistic goals, and those that you’re actually INTERESTED in! Either way, I’m happy to report that I have broken a 27 year losing streak:

My 2008 New Year’s Resolutions:

1) Start using a budget (a what?). A+
Boyyyyy, this was def. the old me! Can you believe i never even USED a budget? haha… good thing i’m still going strong with this blog. Would be pretty embarrassing if i DIDN’T use a budget considering the name and all ;) Budgeting has seriously kept me on track so far – esp. on those days when I wanna splurge a little.

2) Learn more about finances; stocks, mutual funds, reits, etc. B+
Oh yeah, definitely still on track with this one too. While i’m still pretty far away from being an expert, i’m at least starting to pick up on the terms and the main benefits of one category over another. With the only exception of the “reits”. I know they have to do with real estate and all, but that’s about it. I saw that term in some book i was reading ;)

3) Learn more about web design. A
For sure! Getting this blog up and running was a def. push into it that i needed. While I’ve always known the basic fundamentals of designing for the web, I hadn’t really expanded my knowledge until this guy was up. I’d like to wrap my head around CSS and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a bit more though, so that’s next on the list to do.

4) And finally, read more….helps 2 & 3 out, eh? A+
This has been my biggest obstacle, but i’m proud to say i’ve been kicking it’s a$$ since January! haha… And by “kicking it’s a$$” i mean by reading books like a normal person ;) I say that because i usually HATE reading, and thus never used to do it. This year, however, i’ve learned that choosing the right books makes a world of difference. As of date, i’ve finished 3 finance books – The Millionaire Next Door (review coming soon), The Automatic Millionaire, and A Million Bucks by 30, and continue to read the following magazines monthly: Money, Smart Money, and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

And they say people with A.D.D. can’t keep goals ;) It has been a remarkable year so far, and I’d like to thank some final people before I retreat to the office for some actual “work-work”. As much as I’d like to say i’m THE MAN here, i cannot take full credit. (cue the tears)

First, I’d like to give a BIG thanks to Mrs. Budgetsaresexy. Your frugalness is far sexier than you will ever know, and I heart you like woah!
Secondly, I’d like to thank all of YOU guys here in Blogtopia. Without you, I’d be a goner :)
And lastly, I’d like to thank the Academy…i don’t know why.

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