Can today be a "Zero spend day" ?

I’ve flirted with the idea a couple times in the past, but i’ve never actually declared one myself. And i’m quite sure i’ve accomplished many of them in past w/out knowing it, but today I make it official. So Mrs. Chicky, i accept your mini-challenge and declare today my first “Zero Spend Day”.

Do you hear that Mr. Frugal? Are you back in action? I sure hope so, cuz it’s time to wake up and pay attention…we’ve got a long day ahead of us! To make this complete, here is a list of things i will NOT spend $ on today:

  • Coffee
  • Bananas
  • Lunch (thank goodness for PB&J)
  • iTunes
  • Safeway
  • Beers & Cheers
  • wedding items
  • bills
  • lottery tickets

There is only 1 thing i may do, and that is put a $1 bill in my cup for the “dollar a day” challenge that’s still going on. Not that i’m actually spending it on anything, as it’s just being placed somewhere else, but i needed to clarify in case i get audited by the PFG (personal finance group). haha…

Okay, I think that pretty much covers it. The only thing i can see going wrong here is if i get caught off guard from some amazing offer, and just totally forget the operation at hand. Oooohhh, speaking of which, i can fix that too. Give me one sec….

okay back! I JUST wrote “No Spend Day” on my hand in permanent marker ;) this way, if that hand makes it’s way down into my pocket to get my c/c, or cash, i’ll see those words from the get go. Me so smart.

Alrighty, off we go to hopefully conquer another money challenge! I’ll be sure to post my results tomorrow, or throughout the day if something terribly exciting happens (don’t hold your breath).

Thanks again Chicky for your prompting :), and see you all on the blog-side.

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