Call me paranoid, but I need cash @ home to feel safe…

A nice wad of cash too – like all rubberbanded and stuff ;) It’s all about feeling safe these days, and this helps me to do just that. And we all have our own “right” amounts. Some feel good w/ $100 tucked away, while others have $1,000 locked down somewhere. Sure you won’t be earning interest on it, but it’s really about feeling comfortable here.

For me, $500 does the trick. All in ones, twenties, tens, and fives too – nice and easy to spend if needed. I used to have them in $100 bills, but you can’t really do much with that. I guess the point of it all is to be prepared just in case one of those “what if” scenarios actually occurs, ya know? Just like the Boy Scouts say!

I took some time and conjured up a few of those situations, in order of importance:

  • The house is burning down – Naturally, we get the H outta there asap. But say we have 30 seconds to grab a few things? Well, you better believe i’ll swing that safe open and grab the stash along w/ our passports, birth/marriage certificates, and anything else in there that would fit in our pockets.
  • We run out of money in all bank accounts – Scary! I would never wish this on anyone, but it’s still a possibility. It would be nice knowing there’s $500 as a super duper emergency fund.
  • All electricity goes out nationwide – no atms, no internets, no way of getting your cash. Of course, i suppose even having the cash in hand would be pointless since the places you’d be giving it too would be down too…..but it would still make me feel better :)
  • You don’t have change for the pizza man/plumber – this may sound silly, but i’ve had to borrow from this a number of times! That’s another reason why breaking down the denominations like that are good – no one can use a $100 bill!
  • An emergency splurge is due – This could happen if you convince me that $500 in a safe is pointless. In this case, i can go on a spending binge! haha.. i keed, i keeed.
  • Any other crazy situation you can’t predict – I’d write what they were, but naturally i can’t predict them ;)

So yeah, some of these are pretty farfetched (and i PRAY they never happen), but better to be safe than sorry i say. And if a few dollars stashed away helps you sleep better at night? Then more power to you brothers and sisters!

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  1. Penny January 18, 2018 at 11:32 AM

    An emergency requiring cash reserves did happen to us one year. We live in Florida, and it was when a hurricane hit and knocked out power for almost a week. We were using a portable generator, but of course needed to buy more gas. There was one small independent grocer open, and one gas station open. Both were running on generator power-traffic lights were even being operated on generator power! and both were accepting cash only. I always keep a reserve of cash in small bills at home for just such an emergency.

    1. J. Money January 19, 2018 at 10:38 AM

      BOOM! That’s where it’s at right there – well done!

      I wish all the comments saved from this post back in the day when it was first published (we moved blogging platforms and they got killed), but it was fun to debate on it all :) Cash is rarely ever denied unlike cards and anything electronic.