Budgets are Sexy turns 8 months this weekend! Let’s reminisce.

Budgets are Sexy turns 8 months!Can you believe it?! How Sexy! To be honest, I’m just amazed that i’m a) still going with it! and b) just as excited, if not more so, than the day i first launched this!

My A.D.H.D. usually kicks in and pushes me off track, but i guess i have finally found my niche :) And it doesn’t hurt that i always have something to say.

Soooooo much has happened since the launch on Feb. 12th, and i really do feel like i’m growing and learning each month that passes. And wanna know who i have to thank for that? All of you crazy mother f’ers :) I do it all for you baby! (and for myself, i won’t lie, but mostly for the sport of it all)

And just like i did back in April, it is my complete honor to award each one of you frugal ba$tards the beloved “Sexy Saver” Certificate! Thaaaaaaaaat’s right, you’ve earned it friends. Print it, post it, staple it, frame it, upload it, eat it, it’s yours to do as you please!

sexy saver certificate![click to enlarge, or download here]

I was thinking of posting the all-time “top posts” of mine here, but they’re already on the sidebar to the right :) Soooooo, I thought it would be cool to see how my writing style/presentation has adapted over time. I pretty much just talk straight from the brain here, but you’ll notice some differences. I remember writing each of these so vividly!:

Throughout this time, my stats have also changed IMMENSELY! By no means am i taking over the world or even close to becoming a full-time blogger, but it’s def. nice knowing all this hard work is paying off. Here’s a few statistical nuggets for you:

  • Current subscribers: 324
  • Total EVER page views: 51,933
  • Total EVER unique visitors: 33,067
  • Avg monthly unique visits (last 3 months): 6,858
  • Avg monthly page views (last 3 months): 8,445
  • Number of times i’ve said “bad boy” since blogging: 25
  • Number of times i’ve written about wanting to punch someone in the face: 3
  • Number of times i’ve drivin the wifey crazy w/ all my blog talk: 1,000,000,005

I’d also like to thank EVERY SINGLE ONE of you sexy beasts for reading, commenting, linking, and anything else you’ve done to help this blog become a success! Here are the top ALL-TIME referrers to this site:

  1. krystalatwork.blogspot.com
  2. mymoneyblog.com
  3. cleverdude.com
  4. chickyfinance.com
  5. dinksfinance.com
  6. singleguymoney.com
  7. fivecentnickel.com
  8. changecanbeagoodthing.blogspot.com
  9. frugalupstate.blogspot.com
  10. alwaystheplanner.blogspot.com
  11. bargainbriana.com
  12. financialramblings.com

And now for the top search terms put into the internets ;) I’ve taken out “budgets are sexy” or anything having to do with “sexy” which funnily enough knocks out numbers 1-4!:

  1. “average net worth”
  2. “starbucks”
  3. “million dollar club finance blog”
  4. “grow a pair” (hah!)
  5. “my salary”

And these are the funniest/awesomest/and just plain weirdest ones:

  • ninja
  • things that go up
  • candy monroe” (this came in like 15 billion forms and i had no idea who this was…so i googled her…and then had to avert my eyes)
  • non matching bridesmaid
  • cool characters” (why thank you!)
  • bankruptcy law sexy
  • decicively” (i always misspell that!)
  • sexy sexy sexy.com
  • you had potential” (sad)

And now unto the top 6 countries/territories hittin’ up the site:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. India
  5. Australia
  6. Saudi Arabia (rad!)

And Lastly, here are the top 6 countries/territories of which i cannot point out on a map – not something to be proud of btw:

  • Tunisia
  • Romania
  • Cyprus
  • Bahrain
  • Malta
  • Slovenia

I think that’s about it! Was it fun to read? It took a while to compile it all, but it really does feel great still being in the thick of things. And for once I feel like i’m actually contributing something to this world of ours! Hooray :)

So Happy Birthday dearest Budgets are Sexy, and thanks to each and everyone of you for reading!


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