The Best Time to Buy Things… (with info-graphic)

On Fridays, it’s beer ;) haha…okay okay, it’s really pizza. BUT, if you were ever wondering when to buy other important things (say, like houses, cars, electronics) then it’s a good thing you’re here! But only if you’re good at planning and waiting for when the time’s right.

Check out this sweet graphic I was forwarded by one of my newsletter readers (thx Kelly!):

Best Times to Buy Things
According to LifeHacker, these are the Best Times to Buy Anything, All Year Round! I’m neither patient, nor a good purchase planner, but it’s good to keep in the back of our minds, no? Maybe download the high res version and save for later use? If you know of any hardcore frugalites you could always sneak onto their computer and save it as their wallpaper ;) I bet they’d love that…

You’ll have to click on over to view the products in detail by month, but here’s a condensed version for for ya (pay attention to the current Winter things):

  • Best things to buy in WINTER: Air conditioners, gas grills, houses (for price), luggage
  • Best things to buy in SPRING: TVs, houses (for availability), boots & winter gear
  • Best things to buy in SUMMER: Big appliances, furniture, laptops, cars
  • Best things to buy in FALL: Shrubs, trees, and bulbs (that you can store), car parts, wedding dresses, HDTV and home theater equipment.

Makes sense to me! Most of these are off-seasonal items. And as LifeHacker found out, also times when “sales are slow, when new products are just about to roll out, or when every single retailer is selling at a discount.” Now I just gotta remember this stuff!

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  1. Best Time To Buy Things February 17, 2010 at 7:19 AM

    Very informative post. I like this image a lot.