Are my challenges challenging enough?

I thought today would be a good day to check in w/ all the challenges i’m working on, and note my progress (or lack of). Here’s everything i currently have going on:

A dollar a day A- : As i empty my trusty cup, i count $10.10! This may be surprising in two ways. The first, and most obvious, is that little 10 cents at the end. How can there be 10 cents in it if the name of the game is “dollar a day”. Well, i found a dime at Starbucks this morning :) Normally I just ignore coins on the floor (unless it’s a quarter), but then i figured why not drop it in my dollar cup? So it is now officially the cup of savings at work. The second going here, is that I initially wanted, and tried, to save exactly 1 dollar a day. This ended up becoming an issue of logistics due to days off and the weekends. It’s very hard to put in $3 in one day as it starts getting rather annoying, and that’s IF you even remember to do so as it usually falls on a Monday. That, and it’s not that smart, per se, to lave a cup full of cash on your desk so that others may peek into it. Hiding this cup now also helped hide it from my memory. At any rate, my plan is now to put in a Mr. Washington only on work days. No need to be hardcore about it, right? So, calculating from the day i started (minus the weekends, the holiday, and the day off) I SHOULD have a total of $11.00 in there. I’m not that much off :)

No buying random crap (for Lent) B+ : This is hard to rate, as i never stipulated anything about using my “fun money” stash at thrift stores! I’ll post about it soon, but it’s basically a stash I have at home of cash earned from selling things on eBay/Craigslist, etc. I allow my myself to buy anything I want from it as it is extra $ created just for that. So, I did indeed by a cple items for our guest room from a thrift store using that $, but it never really added any expenditure to my budget. On the other hand it does fall under purchases “not needed”, ya follow me? I guess if i’m going by the title of the challenge, however, “No buying random crap”, then I have to count it as a failed instance. One time ain’t bad considering it’s already been 22 days!

No buying lunch/drinks/snacks @ work F+ : Ha ha… just kidding. This hasn’t even started yet (I’m a sneaky one)! I actually start March 1st, and go for an entire month. I started getting in shape, however, by bringing in peanut butter & jelly sandwiches 2-3 times a week, and so far so easy. It’s like elementary, middle, and high school all over again!

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