"Americans Spending Less, Saving More" – This is bad?

Economy vs. ConsumerHOT DOGS, right?! Wrong :( According to the way it’s all phrased in the media at least.

I know it’s not the greatest for the Economy, but I must say I’m freakin’ elated!!! According to MSNBC.com, Americans “boosted their savings rate to 3.6 percent of their after-tax incomes in December”. GOOD for you Mr. & Mrs. Consumer! It also goes on to say,

“Consumer spending fell for a record sixth straight month in December as recession-battered households, worried about surging layoffs, boosted their savings rates to the highest level since May.”

Can we say, “HELL to the YEAH bitches!” I can’t help it, that just really puts a big fat smile on my face :) I’m totally for the Economy getting back on its feet again (as evidence of my 401(k) crying all the time), but I mean people are SAVING again! That is freakin’ awesome I don’t care what they say. Sure saving = not spending, but when are we going to get it in our minds that saving is important?!

I guess a better question to ask here is, “Can America continue to prosper if Americans start getting smarter with their money?” Well, I have an answer for you, and you may not like it. And that answer is…..I have absolutely no idea ;) hahah…it may come as no surprise to you, but contrary to popular believe I, J. Money, am no Economist.

What I am, however, is someone who likes to play “what ifs” and give my opinion without any evidence or factual backup whatsoever. And my opinion is that it would take us a loooooooooot longer go get this engine back pumping again, but once we DO, it’ll be smooth sailing for the ends of time. Imagine this perfect world of less consumer debt & stress caused by all our money problems! I would even venture so far as to say crime would go down too since the “need” for fast cash would disappear as well. Actually no, I think I’m stretching it here ;)

The point of all this is just that saving money is a GREAT thing. If we could learn how to operate this economy with this in mind, it would be a far less stressful period in our lives right now. And we may have even avoided this crisis alltogether! Now, let the commenting commence….don’t hurt me too bad.

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