All this excitement = Me getting sick and not spending money :(

Yup, def. won’t be splurging around if i can’t leave the house. Not that it really makes a difference though considering i couldn’t even muster up enough courage to blow a little $ on my bday! I wonder if i’m cured of this so called “splurge” virus now? i hope not…i like giving in every now and then.

Of course, it always helps when you actually FIND something you like though :) That was my problem on Friday (my bday) and then Sat. when out shopping w/ the family – i didn’t come across anything i really wanted. You usually get most of the things on Xmas anyways (or at least i do since i only put small things on there), so unless you’re really dying for a new flat screen – cough, cough Clever Dude – you’re pretty much set before you even venture out.

AND, randomly inserted here, you’ll be happy to know that i came pretty close to my Holiday Budget this year!!! I spent an extra $41.66 to be exact, but much better than previous years. It was the baby nephew who put me over really – too many cute things out there for kids! You think i can NOT buy a Redskins jersey for that little rug rat? pshhhhh, no way no how. But it all worked out nicely, he was able to open up something nice AND get the grandpa savings bond at the same time w/out hating me! haha….good times, good times.

I must have behaved too this year as i didn’t get any coal in my stockings ;) Here were a few of my favorite presents i’m thankful for this year:

  1. Framed copies of our family crest! I’m HUGE into family history and antique like stuff from the start, so these were welcomed with big arms for sure :) hot damn.
  2. Artsy Shoe box! Yup, my brother pulled out the big guns on this one and spent time decorating a big shoe box for each one of us in the family – so creative! He drew pictures, sayings, doodles, and anything else from our past alllllll over it. And then he even put a cple presents inside! haha.. BEST present he’s ever given by far, I salute you sir!
  3. Pile of art supplies – Canvases, paint brushes, paints, you name it! All so i can produce another one of these bad boys – although this time without the $48 extra dollars ;)
  4. Vampire Weekend CD – My new favorite album! These guys are soooo freakin’ talented.
  5. $350 in cash – this is mostly bday money since i couldn’t pick anything out while shopping…but now i can slowly pick things up over time when i come across them! It’s like having a free debit card attached to someone else’s bank! haha….3 rules of cash gifts here i come ;)

So besides getting sick in the midst of it all, i’d say Xmas/Bday time this year was most excellent! Especially spending all that quality time w/ the fam – always good for the soul.

How did you all make out? Get anything SUPER crazy/odd/just plain weird this holiday?

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