6 Questions to Financially Get to Know Each Other

Financial Love FestLet’s get to know each other some more :) I filled out this questionnaire for a series Automatic Finances put together recently (he interviewed a few of us bloggers), but I thought it would be a great discussion tool for us too. After all, we see each other almost every day, yes?

If you’d like to participate (and I hope you do), list your answers in the comments below. You can be as short, and anonymous, as you’d like. And if you’d rather not, no worries either – you can always stalk us from behind that computer of yours ;) Let the getting to know each other commence!

1) How do you spend: cash, debit or credit?

As much as I can on credit card baby! I find credit cards to be an excellent budgeting tool as long as you stay on top of it, and pay ’em off in full every month (which I do). If you’re spending roughly the same every month, why not pay with plastic and milk ’em for all those extra rewards?

2) Do you bank online? How about use a financial aggregator (Mint, Wesabe, Yodlee, etc.)?
I bank online at USAA.com aka the best bank e-v-e-r. Since most of my 10+ accounts are there, I find a trusty excel spreadsheet & google doc is the only other thing I need to manage it all and stay on budget. Although I could certainly see the value in personal finance software like Mint & the rest. If I didn’t like manually updating my budget so much I would have switched out long ago ;)

3) What recurring bills do you have set on autopay?
Oddly enough, only a few things: Comcast, condo fee, and insurance. My income gets staggered so I like to manually pay the rest to make sure all is on point.

4) How are your finances automated?
Currently, they’re not as automated as I’d like. I deposit my paychecks, xfer out the money to the right accounts, and then manually pay a chunk of the bills asap to make sure I don’t forget. I’d like to have *all my finances automated* but it’s gonna have to wait until things are more concrete.

5) Do you write checks? If so, how often?
Checks? What are those? :) They only get the pleasure of my bad handwriting when it’s time to pay a stray bill or give a wedding present to somebody. All other times they stay in my drawer sobbing, knowing the end is near.

6) Where do you stash your short-term savings?
In a regular ol’ savings account. I like the freedom to xfer out at a moment’s notice, and having your accounts in one spot makes it even easier to manage it all.

Your turn! How do you manage your finances?

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