6 Fun & Free Summer Activities for Children (or Adults?)

6 Fun & Free ActivitiesI don’t have kids yet, but I’m pretty sure I’d be all over these if I did. There’s nothing like some creative ways to entertain ’em all with no real impact on the budget!

The first few can be found in ALL YOU Magazine’s June edition (thx for the tips!), and the last couple listed were created by yours truly. And just to spice it up a bit, I decided to add a “romantic twist” at the end of each of these (in parentheses) for all who don’t have kids, or those who’d like to participate once the kiddies are sleeping! That way everyone gets something out of it. I know this sounds/looks a bit creepy, but I swear I didn’t mean it to be. Just read it for what it is and don’t mix and match, okay? ;)

6 Fun & Free Activities for Children (and now Adults):

  1. Create an underwater spy game in the kiddie pool. Cut a circle from the bottom of an empty plastic milk carton. Stretch two sheets of plastic wrap across the opening and around the sides to create a makeshift spy lens. Throw some cool objects in the pool and place the lens in the water so kids can see them clearly. (Adult option: throw pieces of clothing into the real pool, and then fetch them out together….late at night…with your significant other)
  2. Host your own summer Olympics. Complete in egg tosses, tug-o-war, three-legged relays and sack races. (Adult option: play some Olympics yourself – best love poem, best massage, best , um….listener?)
  3. Organize an archaeological dig. Use pieces of cardboard to represent fossils, then bury them in mulch, loose dirt or a sandbox. Set kids on the trail. (Adult option: Leave post-it notes around your drawers or purses/wallets and write some romantic messages down for each other to find)
  4. Build a backyard fort by covering the patio table with sheets. Decide what the fort is: a preschool, restaurant and so on. Add props such as crayons or pretend pots and pans. (Adult option: Make a fort in your living room! Grab sleeping bags, a tent, and enjoy some quality time together. You might even be able to make s’mores if your stove permits)
  5. Go on a treasure hunt! Bury a few goodies around the back yard or around the community, and create an old school pirate map marking the treasure & surroundings. (Adult option: Instead of a treasure map, create a scavenger hunt and design it around the special places you share – place of first kiss, date, etc)
  6. Go on a hike with a promise of a slurpee at the end! I know this might sound odd, but I swear it works :) We’d do ANYTHING for a slurpee growing up, and plus the walking/hiking got us to appreciate the outdoors some more. (Adult option: Do the same exact same thing, except swap out the slurpee with something else “worth your while”. During mid trail even!)

Okay, that’s good for now. This should be plenty of things to conquer over the Summer :) Which reminds me, I really need to check up on our pool passes this year – I swear our condo association screws it up every time…why do they exist again? But whatever, it’s the season of love baby. So get on out there and start checking these off the list!

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