40 Cheap & Last Minute Halloween Costumes.

40 Cheap Last Minute Costume IdeasFor all you slackers out there (myself included). Last year I went as a rockstar, but I’m thinking of going as a Blogger this time around. According to a friend though, that means I have to put on a pair of nerd glasses and hike up my pants like Urkel?! I think my friend is confused. We’re more like this guy, I mean come on ;)

Actually, I have no idea how to dress as a blogger – I’m just being lazy. More than likely I’ll paint the black nail polish back on and sharpen me up some rocker tattoos again. I already wear ripped jeans and t-shirts anyways so it’ll cost me a big fat $0.00. And I don’t have to worry about any props getting stolen by drunkards! Haven’t picked a costume yourself? Check out some of these clever ideas from friends around the net (thx everyone!):

Cheap & Last Minute Halloween Ideas:

  1. Christmas Tree: I once saw this guy dressed in all green with nothing else but Christmas lights wrapped around him. It looked kinda stupid at first, but when he plugged himself into the wall he had the whole party’s attention! (and he got a lot of chicks that night)
  2. Random Hook-up: My brother won a contest with this: Just drape a lot of colored extension cords around you. You’re a “Random Hook-up” – @MoneyMateKate
  3. Tanning Bed: Tape glowsticks up and down your arms and then trap people in them as a tanning bed. – @hollyjunesmith
  4. Wolverine/Freddy Krueger: Just put silverware on your fingers! – The Digerati Life (pics!)
  5. Kissing Booth: I took a picture of this dude a few years back and it still cracks me up to this day :) All he did was put some cardboard together with some red velvety stuff, and labeled it “Kissing Booth”. From what I remember, it really worked.
  6. Smarty Pants: Tape smarties candies to your pants – SMARTY PANTS! (I did this last year.) – Jennifer Bruyette
  7. Gold Digger: Gold colored dress + shovel. – @beskeie
  8. Martini Glass: Saran wrap around me as the stem, and a big dog medical collar as the glass, my head in green tights for the olive!
  9. Road/Highway: Black t-shirt yellow tape down the middle, then glue/tape dollar store toy car/trucks to the shirt – super easy and inexpensive – Kim
  10. Drunken College Students: Just wear a college shirt (w/ buffalo wing stains) & drink lots of Natty light! Cheap, easy & fun! – @Matt_SF
  11. A “Cool” Guy: You know, trucker hat, popped collar, fancy facial hair, and boxers hanging out. Like this – Nicole @ Breaking Even Inc.
  12. Sasha Fierce: A leotard will run you about $15. Throw on some heels, fake eye lashes and put on a fake bling ring. You can get the fake bling rings for about $2.99 in the wedding section of costume/party shops. – The Frugalista
  13. DC Tourist: You know the kind: fanny pack, I heart DC tshirt, metro maps, high-waisted long shorts, camera :) – @myprettypennies
  14. A nudist: Price free, or adam and eve for couples :) – @pffirewall
  15. Skunk: Black tights with a while stripe down the back – @pffirewall
  16. Bunch Of Grapes: Purple tights with purple balloons glued on – @pffirewall
  17. Cheap zombie costume: Just need tissue paper, glue, makeup & some old clothes. (click here for some help) – @creditgoddess
  18. Job Seeker: Wear an old suit from your closet. Tape a pink slip of paper to a “Hello, My Name Is” sticker that you can buy from an office warehouse store for about $4.97. –The Frugalista
  19. 70s disco queen: You can either buy a ready-made outfit from a place like Party City or you can hit up thrift or vintage stores for discount bell bottoms. Wear your hair in a flip or buy and afro from a beauty supply store for about $25. –The Frugalista
  20. A Domino: I used black clothing & white paper circles to make myself a domino. Kinda lame, but I was in Japan & had 10 mins’ notice. – @MoneyMateKate
  21. Penguin: I am going to be a penguin! Black hoodie with orange felt beak with giant styrofoam ball eyes! Adorable, yet frugal! – calquist
  22. Spider: Hefty bags stuffed with newspaper, legs made of foam pipe insulation, and a vintage black pillbox hat with veil. – Money Mate Kate
  23. Charlie Brown: Got a t-shirt off some website and bought a pair of long(ish) black shorts.
  24. Ghost: (sheet) – @centsiblelife
  25. Baby: (pajamas) – @centsiblelife
  26. Spy: (walkie talkie, dark glasses, sly glances) – @centsiblelife
  27. Cat: (all black, paint on whiskers). – @centsiblelife
  28. Waiter: White shirt and black pants. Add an apron and a note pad for ”taking orders’. To really jazz this one up print a menu up of the night’s special for them to carry around. To take it to the next level, make a waiters tray glue a couple of drinking glass on to the tray. Fill the glasses with Jello to give the illusion that drinks are being served. – Converting A Spendthrift
  29. Special Agent/FBI/Secret Service: Build on the waiter costume by adding a black jacket, black leather-like wallet for the badge, and a pair of super cool shades. Jazzing this one up is easy as well by adding the ‘ear piece’ and a wrist communicator. – Converting A Spendthrift
  30. Old School Wrestler: Colored pantyhose or tights, briefs and bare chest. A Cape, mask or prop personalizes this costume. – Converting A Spendthrift

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Couples:

  1. Jim & Pam from The Office: You couldn’t ask for an easier and cheaper costume… – My Life ROI
  2. Bonny & Clyde: You should both dress nice in an early 20th century way, carry fake guns, and get a cloth sack with a dollar sign on it to represent the money you just stole… – My Life ROI
  3. Clark Kent & Lois Lane: The costume is much like Jim and Pam’s – except with more professional clothes & a superman t-shirt underneath…. – My Life ROI
  4. Cleopatra & Marc Antony: To dress as Mark Antony, try and dress as a Roman would. For Cleopatra, you can wear a white dress with gold embroidery. Get some fake gold jewelry to make yourself flashy… – My Life ROI
  5. Tarzan & Jane: Just go to any store that sells fabric and you can make a skirt and shoulder strap for Tarzan. For Jane, you can go in two different directions: 1) You can dress as an English person who is on a safari in the jungle, or 2) You can dress like Tarzan in a skirt and bra…- My Life ROI

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Kids:

  1. Kid Robots: All you need is boxes & sharpies :) – The Digerati Life (click for pics!)
  2. Mario Brothers: Getting some caps and pasting on some letters on them (which you can have your children do themselves), painting the moustaches on your kids, picking up oversized gloves, having your kids wear overalls. – The Digerati Life (click for pics!)
  3. Stuffed Animal: You know those huge stuffed animals you win at a carnival or fair. Tired of them laying around the house? Cannibalize it. Take out the stuffing, poke holes and let them wear the outer shell. – Converting A Spendthrift
  4. Lilo from “Lilo & Stitch”: My daughter was Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, one of her favorite movies, TV shows, etc. – Hit up “Converting A Spendthrift” for details & directions!
  5. Athlete: Have a kid who plays a sport? Football, basketball, soccer, cheer leading, tae kwon do, and on and on. Let them wear that uniform that you paid a lot of money to own or rent/lease for the season. – Converting A Spendthrift

Happy Halloween all!!! May your weekend be full of beverages and candy.

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  1. Markie March 26, 2010 at 3:56 AM

    Well, in my younger days, I remember that a popular method of assembling a witch/wizard costume was to get a large black trash bag (new, clean one of course), cut holes for the arms and wear it as a witch’s dress. and we’d team it with a conical hat and a broomstick. I suppose it sounds rather kiddy and childish, but we were kids and that’s what we came up with. I’m sure you could improve on the idea to make it better. Perhaps you could use a large black cloth instead if you don’t want the trash bag. You can use dramatic goth make-up to bring attention to your features and look more sophisticated.