The $20 Discount that Shouldn’t Have Been.

Bocce Balls discountYou know the times when you’ve got something wayyyy cheaper than it should have been? And not because there was a discount, but more like a mistake?

Well, we had another of these last weekend and wondering what you would have done ;) We can’t could go back and change it or anything, but it’s always a fun topic to discuss on personal finance blogs. (in fact, it was a similar article from I Pick Up Pennies that reminded me of this)

The Item in question: Bocce Balls

While the Mrs and I were returning all our holiday gifts that didn’t pass the test last weekend, I came across a set of bocce balls! And not just regular ol’ bocce balls, but Eddie Bauer sleek ones ;) I wasn’t specifically looking for them or anything, but when I saw they are marked down to $27 from $40 I got excited! I’ve been playing a lot with my boys lately and thought it would be cool to pick up a set and introduce it to my family – esp during our yearly beach trips. (If you’ve never played bocce on the sand, you’ve gotta try it! So fun.)

The “Situation:”

When we went to pay for these magnificent set of balls (that’s what she said?) they rang up as $7.99! And even odder, as “Socks.” Now, obviously they weren’t socks so we asked the cashier to take it off and try again. So she did, and it again showed up as socks for $7.99. We explained to her yet again that something was wrong, but she was just like “it must be on sale even more,” and some of the people in line also started commenting like “Wow, you got a great deal there!” No one seemed to care, and all parties were content on us just going about our merry way. So we did. It wasn’t until we got to the car when we realized someone had literally TAPED the bar code off from a ripped package of socks and pasted it there on the bocce set. WTF? We thought about going back and trying again (for the 3rd time), but we drove off instead.

Are we bad people?

I’m about 1 for 3 right now with these things (the first was taking gas @ 33 cents, and the other was going back to pay for a skipped beer charge), and each one of them seem to have the same variables going on – the cashier messes up, we bring it to their attention, and they either fix it or they don’t. I feel like we *should have* gone back and tried AGAIN with this one, but at what point do you just say F it and move on?

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