100 Bargains for $1.00 or less!

Top 100 BargainsThat’s right, I’m venturing off to find the TOP 100 bargains for a dollar or under!

I was staring at my dollar-a-day cup the other day and got to thinking – what on earth will i do w/ all of those $1 bills? In a perfect world i’d like to stick with my million dollar plan, but I also can’t help but play the “what if” game.

  If I could, what would I buy with all those George Washingtons? It got me thinking…there are a LOT of great bargains out there for a dollar or less. We’ve got double cheesburgers, lottery tickets, a whole bunch of things! I started listing them out, and then wondered if I could hit 100…or even better, the TOP 100 bargains out there for $1 or less!

Not to kill the suspense, but unfortunately i didn’t make it yet. But that’s why I have you guys :) I need help! Not all my bargains made the cut (like playing cards and uniball pens), but I did hit the 20 30 mark.

What have I missed? Here are a few places that I look for these sort of deals, maybe they’ll help conjure up a few ideas for ya:

– Target’s $1.00 bins
– Michael’s $1.00 bins
– Dollar Store (the REAL ones, not the cheaters)
– Vending machines
– $1 menus at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc. (thx Carrie!)

Okay, so without further ado – let the list begin!

  1. Composition books
  2. Mini sharpies
  3. Lottery tickets!
  4. Double cheeseburgers @ McDonalds
  5. Dollar Drafts ;)
  6. Runts – from the 25¢ machines
  7. Frozen burritos – the 3 for a $1.00 kind
  8. Glow sticks
  9. Random bag of woot!
  10. Fake cigarette candy (remember those?)
  11. Movie rentals – oldies
  12. Banana or Apple
  13. Old records/LP’s – from thrift stores
  14. Elmer’s glue
  15. 25¢ wings
  16. Dasani bottled water
  17. Mini pumpkins from the pumpkin patch
  18. Newspapers
  19. Cd’s at yard sales!
  20. Those 99¢ celebrity mags
  21. 7-eleven taquitos
  22. Homeless donation ;) (Carrie)
  23. 3 for $1 candy bars (Carrie)
  24. Doughnuts! (L-SpillingBuckets)
  25. Bulk chocolate peanuts – 98¢ (L-SpillingBuckets)
  26. ***Tip for an “alternative” dancer (Tom)***
  27. 25¢ packs of gum! (asgreen)
  28. “Theater box” of candy. (Monroe on a Budget)
  29. 2 liter bottle of pop. (Monroe on a Budget)
  30. ***Box of Little Debbie snack cakes. (Monroe on a Budget)***
  31. Spiral notebooks
  32. Packets of seeds
  33. Travel sized toiletries (tiffanie)
  34. Bonnebelle makeup – 88¢ (tiffanie)
  35. Fingernail polish – 88¢ (tiffanie)

I’ll stop here for now as it would look really ridiculous having so many blank lines on here at the present moment ;) haha… i’ll update the list as more come to mind, and as people submit their own bargains! Just holler at j at-symbol budgetsaresexy.com, or drop me a comment.

I’m sexcited … can’t wait to hit 100!!!

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