10 Reasons to be "cool" and make your own cards.

As you can tell from that sexy doodle to the left, I like to make my own cards to send out ;)

And I like to think those on the receiving end enjoy them just as much! Who WOULDN’T want a personally crafted note from their friend or family member?

Whether you’re sending a thank you note, a miss you card, or even a birthday card, making it yourself shoots you right onto the awesome list. But don’t take my word for it –

Here are 10 good reasons to help convince you:

  1. Making your own cards cost you nada, zilch, absolutely zero George Washingtons.
  2. Making your own cards are “cooler” than sending a store card.
  3. Making your own card is faster. No driving, searching, and ringing up needed – it only takes 5-10 minutes, depending on your craftiness.
  4. Making your own card allows you to be a kid again and get creative.
  5. You can make your own card at work while on a break (or not on a break).
  6. You can show off your penmanship. (only a plus if you have impeccable skill)
  7. You only need 1 piece of paper, and 1 pen. (or a couple pieces of paper and a couple of pens, if you are a fancy pants. allow more than 10 mins in this case)
  8. The receiver will be *shocked* by getting something hand-written these days!
  9. The receiver will believe you spent quality time on them. (they will believe anything in the state of shock)
  10. The receiver will actually READ all of it’s content. (those 6 paragraph poems never get read…)
  11. *Bonus* The receiver will love you, adding you to the top of their list!

I can go on and on, but i think i have proven my point. And if you’re still not convinced, go ahead and mail me that $4 you are about to give away, and I’ll make one up for you ;) The only disservice you’ll be doing is to Hallmark, and there are plenty of other people out there giving in to their peer pressure. So remember – Don’t be a ‘tard, Make your own card.

ps: i have had wayyyyy too much coffee today!

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