10 More Ways to Woo! On budget, even. (imagine that)

10 More ways to woo (on a budget)One day until you know what! You all prepared & ready to go? Yes? No? Maybe? Like questions? Think I can stop asking them now? ha ha…okay, i’ll stop. (Boy this coffee is hitting me in all the right places)

Getting back to the task at hand, your boy J. Money’s got a few last-minute tricks up his sleeves. I posted 10 cheap ways to woo a few month back, but w/ Valentine’s day coming up and all, thought it was worth expanding a bit – esp. since i *know* we’ve got a bunch of slackers out there. Myself included ;)

Luckily, the Mrs. and I decided to forego the presents this year, and instead we’ll be cooking a nice dinner together. And I’m hopin’ a little dessert too if ya know what i’m sayin’! Aww yeahhh….perhaps a “10 cheap tricks in the bedroom” should follow? Oooh, I may be on to something here! Crap, off track yet again…STAY. FOCUSED. (oye)

Okay, 10 More Ways to Woo on Budget:

  1. Set up camp in your living room! This is one of my favorite ideas cuz you get the best of both worlds :) Pop up a tent, gather a few sleeping bags and blankets, and enjoy some peace and quiet in the comfort of your own home. Could probably even do s’mores depending on your stove.
  2. Make her/him a mixed CD! Man, this just brought back crazy memories from high school! haha…but seriously, who DOESN’T like music? And you don’t necessarily have to go w/ only romantic songs or anything either – you could hook it up with those that remind you of each other, or simply just your favorites.
  3. Pick up a bag of hershey kisses & get creative. Replace the white taggy looking things w/ your own words! It might take a bit of time, but it only costs about $6 and you’ll score mad points.
  4. Place Post-It notes all over the place! Write some lovely memos, and plop them bad boys throughout your home – on doors, closets, mirrors, cabits, tv’s, you name it. I did this randomly once for Mrs. Budgetsaresexy and she loved it :) Of course, it may have been the beer i bought her too…
  5. Create a scavenger hunt! Yup, draw up a map and have your man/woman searching around the house for hidden goodies. And make them worthwhile too ;)
  6. Cook dinner WITH each other. Find a good recipe, go shopping together, and spend some good quality time together. Shoot, even whip out the fancy silverware and never-opened candles! Anyone can pay for a fancy dinner, but hookin’ it up yourselves makes it much more special.
  7. Bring her/him a Vase with a single Tuplip in it. Attach a card that says something like, “I’ve got two lips to share with ya!”. haha…only worth a shot if your relationship flourishes on the cheezy factor.
  8. Hook it up with a cheap chocolate fondu set. They sell them pretty cheap at Target or Wallmart (like around $10), and you it’s super easy to use. Melt some chocolate and share some nice strawberries & other nice treats together :)
  9. Get some pix together and create a simple calendar. Kinko’s is crazy fast at this, and all it takes is finding pictures of your “favorite moments” together. It’ll probably remind you of when you used to do this for your mom, but it’s still works like a charm :)
  10. Check out a drive-through theater! I know they’re slowly fading, but I highly recommend seeing if there’s one in your area cuz they’re romantic as hell. And I bet they have some pretty cool specials on V-Day too while playing the best of the lover movies.

That’s all i’ve got for now – I hope it helps! Remember to check out last year’s if you’re still stuck. And you won’t be alone – I’m pretty sure I’ll have to do some of these now since the Mrs. will be reading this ;) But whatever, it’s all good…as long as i get that dessert at the end!

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